Our Promise

We promise to use our knowledge, skills and experience to create footwear for your specific needs and requirements. We will spend the time required to produce footwear, and continue to work on them until they are right for you. Due to the nature of our work, not every pair is right first time, we ask for you to work with us until they are correct and share the risks involved with us as we undertake your work. Please keep communication open with us and share any thoughts and feelings.

We aim to have your shoes made as soon as possible within our means.

Adjustments and Alterations

If there are any problems or adjustments needed with your shoes, they will be included with the price paid. If you change your mind on the design or product, costs may be incurred.

Style Limitations

During your second appointment [mock upper fitting] we will design your footwear. We always take into consideration the suitability of the style of the design in relation to your specifications. Please keep an open mind to what your desires are and enjoy the design process with us.

Please note: we are not able to make high heels.

Payment Schedule

Please keep with the payment schedule discussed. If you have any problems keeping up with payments, please let us know and we will see if there is a way to work out a solution.

Refund Policy

Despite our hardest efforts, on occasions the finished footwear isn’t always at our clients complete satisfaction. In these circumstances we have a refund policy. We ask that you persist with alterations and adjustments until we agree that we aren’t going to be able to reach a satisfactory result. If a refund is agreed, monies will be returned on receipt of the footwear back to Sweetmore & Firth.

When we assess clients for footwear, although we will be positive about what the shoes can do for your condition, specification and mobility, footwear cannot provide all the answers and we ask you to remember this during the process and order. We are unable to prescribe or diagnose medical conditions.

The deposit taken at the order stage of the process is refundable for 7 days after payment. If at any time you would like to cancel your order before completion, payment for any work completed to that date will be required. We will only offer refunds in exceptional circumstances, where the fault lies with the manufacturing not the design of the footwear. This is because there are often other issues that affect the functionality of the foot or the client has more complex foot, gait or pain issues that cannot be solved through footwear alone.