How It Works

How It Works


In the initial meeting we will discuss your requirements, conditions and options for your Bespoke footwear. [The consultation fee will be deducted from the final invoice]

Mock Shoe fitting

Measurements, impressions and 3D scan taken. We will also complete the gait analysis and collect all the necessary information. A deposit of one third of the total payment is taken at this point.

First fitting

 Your individual last and mock shoe is now ready for your first fitting. The mock shoe is a plastic mould of your foot and will allow me to test the fit, support and aesthetics. You will choose your design, fabric and colour for your footwear. 

Final fitting

Your uppers and insoles are now ready. They will be lasted for a test fit and you will try them on to ensure an accurate and comfortable fit. At this point we will discuss and decide on the sole of your footwear. The second payment is now due.

The shoes will be completed and ready for you to wear.  Final payment is now due.

[Sometimes the shoes need more work and appointment time. I promise to work at your shoes until you are happy and comfortable] 

Once you have ordered your first pair of shoes, the appointments will reduce to 3 rather than 4